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WWE SmackDown Live: Samoa Joe continues mind games with AJ Styles ahead of SummerSlam

With former NXT Champion Samoa Joe bringing up AJ Styles’ family in the past couple of weeks, the upcoming fight between the two superstars for the WWE Championship title at SummerSlam has become more personal than anyone anticipated. Ahead of the clash between the two on Sunday, The Phenomenal One came down to the ring on SmackDown Live and vowed to the WWE fans that he will not let Joe or his words take a toll on him any longer.

Styles further went on to say that he has promised his wife Wendy to not return to the dark place Joe has put him in, and added that he will not be rattled heading to the upcoming pay-per-view.

But before he could finish, Joe, wearing a suit, came out to the ring with a letter and read it aloud in the fans. The letter suggested that Styles never wanted to have children or a wife and would do anything to stay away from his family. The Samoan Submission Machine further went on to claim that the letter had been signed by the Champion’s wife.

After reading the letter, Joe left Styles in the ring, infuriated, finishing his one final mind game before the big fight on Sunday.

WWE Superstars wish India a Happy Independence Day

Meanwhile, with India celebrating their 72nd Independence Day on Wednesday, several of the WWE Superstars, including John Cena, Seth Rollins and India’s own Jinder Mahal sent their greetings to the country, in a video posted on WWE’s official Facebook account.

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